Metairie Injury Attorney Exposes Insurance Adjustors Tactics

In you are involved in a car accident and have sustained injuries from the negligence of another, you will be contacted by the insurance company that wrote the liability policy.  Please remember that the insurance adjuster is not your friend. His primary interest is to save the corporation money. Although he presents himself as a caring individual with your best interest foremost in his mind, do not be deceived. Any suggestion for not hiring an attorney should be ignored. The research supports the fact that when a client is represented by an attorney, the settlement is substantially higher.  This personal injury attorney Metairie will fight for a fair settlement.

Another technique that adjusters use is a recording that can be used against you for their benefit. A simple question such as, “how you this morning,” and a response of, “I’m fine” will destroy your case. You have admitted on a recording that you are fine. Avoid making any recorded statement from an insurance adjustor unless you are instructed by your attorney to do so.

Another tactic that adjustors use is to offer a quick settlement. Follow extreme caution because you may not be aware of the extent of all your injuries. Some injuries are not immediately apparent. A speedy resolution is risky. You will sign away your right to make any future claims.

Under no circumstance, sign a general medical authorization. This is personal information, and adjustors use this data to discredit you if possible. Your medical data is not information that is necessary before a lawsuit is filed. Often insurance companies will delay payment to make you more anxious and hope that you are desperate enough to settle for a lower amount of money. Also be aware that surveillance may be conducted if you have a serious injury claim.

For the best protection possible, it is important to hire an experienced attorney who will advise you of all possible scenarios and create a shield to protect you from these malicious tactics. Contact Peyton Burkhalter Law for a free consultation.

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